Best Bug and Tar Remover 2021 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

A car is not just a simple tool that takes you from one place to another. Most car owners (even me) share a special connection with it and get deeply hurt if the vehicle starts losing its gloss and shine. In this article, I will talk about 10 best bug & tar remover of 2021 and also guide you to buy the best bug & tar remover product for your car.

It’s heartbreaking to see your steed battered by the vicious assault of bugs after a long, tedious journey. To the dismay of a car user, bugs are not the only problem.

You have to deal with tar splats, dirt, and stain before they draw a map of a permanent mess in your vehicle’s body.

And if you’re here, you probably tried scrubbing your life out, and it didn’t work.

Well, there are products with extreme potency that can comfortably take care of such problems. Therefore, we’ve decided to review (for all the car lovers) the best bug and tar removers.

Now, you can say bugger off to those bugs (and other stains) and save your delicate hands while you’re at it!

10 Best Bug and Tar Remover Lists

Serial NoImageProduct NameFeaturesPrice
11. Bug N AllBug N All Multi-Surface Vehicle CleanerBiodegradable and non-toxic substance. Appropriate for both interior and exterior of the car. It does not harm animals, plants, and children. Very quickly breaks down bug and tar stains within seconds.CHECK PRICE
22. BugSlideBUGSLIDE Easy ApplicationAll in one bug and tar remover. The UV filter protects the car's surface from yellowing and clouding. Free of harmful chemicals, petroleum, and wax. Useable under sunlightCHECK PRICE
33. Duragloss 952 AquawaxDuragloss 952 AquawaxIncrease the gloss and gives a shiny wet appearance. Extends the lifespan of the car's painting with the additional protection layer. Easy to use. Works very quickly.CHECK PRICE
44. 3D Bug Remover3D Bug RemoverIt can automatically loosen bugs and stains. Easy to apply and wash. Suitable for plastic, metal, window, rubber, and grills. An enzyme-based biodegradable substance.CHECK PRICE
55. Chemical Guys Bug and Tar RemoverChemical Guys Bug and Tar RemoverSuitable for removing bugs, tars, and bird poop. Water-based formula means no harm to car paint. Works well on plastic, glass, chrome, and aluminum. Easy to useCHECK PRICE
66. Seafoam BBG1 CleanerSeafoam BBG1 CleanerWater-based formula. Take only 30 to 60 seconds for softening organic deposits. Do not activate without the contact of water. Easy to use.CHECK PRICE
77. BUGSLIDE Travel KitBUGSLIDE Travel KitUV filter extends the surface protection. Free of hazardous chemicals, wax, petroleum, and Teflon. Prevents residue and yellowing. Suitable for a different type of surfaces.CHECK PRICE
88. Wizard Bug ReleaseWizard Bug ReleaseFast-acting bug and tar remover. Safe for all vehicle surfaces. Efficiently cleans spot leaving no smear or residue. A biodegradable product that is safer for plants.CHECK PRICE
9Mckee's 37 Road Kill Bug ScrubberThe Mckee's 37 Road Kill Bug ScrubberEnsures no scratch on dark paints. Versatile design. Easily clean bug, grime, dirt or soil. ReusableCHECK PRICE
1010. Duragloss 472 Bug RemoverDuragloss 472 Bug RemoverGood at removing bugs. Safe for paint and wax. Helps to dissolve bugs very quickly. An alkaline free cleaning solutionCHECK PRICE


10 Best Bug and Tar Remover Reviews

Are you tired of finding the best bug & tar remover for your car? For your comprehensive understanding, here is a detailed breakdown of our top 10 best bug and tar removers.

1. Bug N All Multi-Surface Vehicle Cleaner: (Best bug & tar remover)

1. Bug N All

Tired of bug and tar stains after every trip? If it is a usual scenario, then you must be looking for the best bug and tar remover that will efficiently clean all these dead bugs and soil from your vehicle.

Bug N All is the best bug and tar remover that uses advanced technology to clean dried bug splatter, grime, grease, bird poop, food stains, rust stains, oxidization, and so more.

It is a quick cleaning solution that takes only 60 seconds in turning bug guts into mush and 15 seconds to release rust and dark smudges. So, it is a responsive solution that allows for cleaning anywhere.

Some products make our car surface cloudy and tacky after applying them. But, you do not have to worry if you are using this one.

Moreover, it is entirely safe for your car painting and wax because it does not contain any toxins, flammable substances, chemicals, or strong odors. It is perfectly safe for your pet, plants, and children.

Thus, it will efficiently remove stains without bleaching the car paint.

The “All” in the product name refers to its multi-functional nature. It means you can apply it on both the interior and exterior of your car, for example, in carpet, leather, and plastics.

  • Biodegradable and non-toxic substance
  • Appropriate for both interior and exterior of the car
  • Does not harm animals, plants, and children
  • Very quickly breaks down bug and tar stains within seconds
  • Evaporate very quickly
  • Not suitable for hot surface


2. BUGSLIDE Easy Application:

2. BugSlide

We are often confused to figure out the best cleaner among the vast range of products. Besides, many of us look for something that can be used for multi-purpose apart from only bug removing.

BugSlide is one of them that mainly works amazingly as a cleaner and polisher. It is applicable in different types of surfaces such as glass, fiberglass, aluminum, stainless steel, chrome, plastic, and many more.

Works great on a car, motorbike, or any other vehicles as long as the surface is not porous. You will get a microfiber towel with this cleaner that efficiently wipes out all the dirt.

Furthermore, this product does not contain any harsh chemicals, including petroleum, wax, and Teflon. So, do not worry about your car paint as there is no chance of bleaching. Besides, it is entirely safe for your surroundings.

It comes with microscopic cleaning technology that only takes one minute to clean any dust or dirt. However, it might take a bit more time or double application to remove bug stains.

Apart from these, the UV filtration feature makes this very convenient for using on the car surface because it prevents yellowing or clouding.

Overall, using this product means no more bug stains on your car.

  • All in one bug and tar remover
  • The UV filter protects the car’s surface from yellowing and clouding
  • Free of harmful chemicals, petroleum, and wax
  • Useable under sunlight
  • Require double application for baked bugs
  • A little expensive


3. Duragloss 952 Aquawax:

3. Duragloss 952 Aquawax

Who does not love a clean and shiny car? Everyone does, but maintaining that seems a bit burden to us. However, if you have a perfect agent for this, then it’s a lot more comfortable.

But, when it comes to a product choosing which is well suited to our car, it’s quite challenging. Duragloss 952 Aquawax is one of the conventional products that give full gloss on your car paint.

It’s a quick and easy cleaning solution that provides a deep gloss on the surface of your car. With minimal effort, you can get a complete finish. Using it cleans your car as well as increases the shininess.

Moreover, there are no harsh chemicals and abrasives that mean it is entirely safe for use in any surrounding.

This substance preserves the coloring of your car by providing extra coating protection. It creates an additional layer that works as a protector. Besides, this layer is a polymer sealant which ensures that it is influential in itself.

So, you may refer to it as a multi-functional product that increases the lifespan of your car’s painting with a deep glow. For best results, wipe off the Aquawax with a microfiber cloth to get a cloudless surface.

  • Increase the gloss and gives a shiny wet appearance
  • Extends the lifespan of the car’s painting with the additional protection layer
  • Easy to use
  • Works very quickly
  • Gives rainbow streaks on the dark surface
  • It does not provide a spray bottle


4. 3D Bug Remover:

4. 3D Bug Remover

Most bug and tar remover requires scrubbing after application which means extra work. So, if you are looking for something that comes with rinse formula, then 3D Bug Remover is for you.

The best feature of this product is that you do not have to brush on the car’s surface. It will automatically degenerate the baked bugs. All you need is to sit for a while with patience.

It is an enzyme-based cleaner that works great on stained areas without any damage. You can also apply it over different surfaces such as plastic, rubber, metal, aluminum, window, and chrome.

Therefore, you can make this product useful everywhere because, along with being suitable for paint, it works well on other surfaces. So, it is convenient for motorbikes, RV’s, boats and also on your window grills.

Right after spraying this substance on the stained areas, wait a few minutes and wash it with tap water. Besides, it can also efficiently clean tree saps, dirt, and grime from your car.

Interestingly, though this cleaning solution comes in a bright orange color, there is no odor. It is biodegradable and uses organic materials for manufacturing, which means it is safe for any surroundings.

  • It can automatically loosen bugs and stains
  • Easy to apply and wash
  • Suitable for plastic, metal, window, rubber, and grills
  • An enzyme-based biodegradable substance
  • Not usable under direct sunlight
  • Sometimes it requires hard scrubbing for stains


5. Chemical Guys Bug and Tar Remover:

5. Chemical Guys Bug and Tar Remover

If you are looking for a cleaner that you can use regularly and that also removes bug, then Chemical Guys Bug and Tar Remover product is perfect for you.

Bug stains are quite severe issues because these insects contain a chemical that sets permanently when this remains unclean for a few days. And, it starts damaging the car’s paint.

Using this formula will break down all the dead bugs from your car surface and indeed helps to make it clean and fresh without any damage. Besides, there are no corrosive chemicals and a completely water-based solution.

This product comes as a concentrate that requires a bucket of water with one capful removing solution. If you want to get rid of a tough spot, then make sure the concentration is 1:6.

It is only for exterior use, but you can also use it over aluminum chrome, plastic, and glass. With that, you can clean grease, grime, or any other sticky substances from your car.

Moreover, it dries your car very quickly and moisturizes the paint thoroughly. Quick-dry is very important because one of the reasons behind paint damage is poor drying habits.

Overall, this product is convenient for removing both oily and dried stains. Besides, its lubricating polymers give a shiny and scratch-free surface.

  • Suitable for removing bugs, tars, and bird poop
  • Water-based formula means no harm to car paint
  • Works well on plastic, glass, chrome, and aluminum
  • Easy to use
  • Need minor scrubbing for removing dead bugs
  • Does not dissolve bugs very quickly


6. Seafoam BBG1 Cleaner:

6. Seafoam BBG1 Cleaner

No matter what we do, if we are on a trip, it is impossible to avoid bug and tar stains. Therefore, we often search for budget-friendly cleaner so that we can use them regularly.

Seafoam BBG1 Cleaner is the best budget-friendly cleaning solution that is highly versatile for removing grime and dirt from the car, auto, truck, and so more. It activates when it comes in contact with water.

To begin, you need to rinse off your vehicle with water or spraying the stained areas will also work. Then, diffuse a sufficient amount of the bug cleaner. Wait until it neutralizes dried and dead bugs and makes them easy to remove.

It takes only 30 to 60 seconds for releasing organic deposits, and a gentle scrub can clean your can within a moment.

Moreover, this product is non-toxic, which means no hazardous chemicals. Also, it is a water-based formula; thus, you do not have to worry before applying it over your favorite vehicle.

In spite of being non-toxic, there are still a few chemicals that may bother your eyes or react with different substances, so do not blend it in with other cleaning products. Also, it is highly recommended that keep out of the reach of children.

  • Water-based formula
  • Take only 30 to 60 seconds for softening organic deposits
  • Do not activate without the contact of water
  • Easy to use
  • Does not work on pine tree sap
  • Sometimes require good scrubbing for removing dried bugs


7. BUGSLIDE Travel Kit:

7. BUGSLIDE Travel Kit

You might get rid of bug and tar stains with any arbitrary cleaning solution, but when this comes to the smear-free vehicle surface, then most of the product fails to provide it.

The BUGSLIDE Travel kit is indeed a value pack. It can handle this problem includes one 14×14″ microfiber towel and one convenient 4oz. Spray bottle. So, you do not have to carry any extra stuff for cleaning if you are traveling anywhere.

Every user prefers cleaning solutions to be free of hazardous chemicals. This unit fulfills those requirements, which means it does not contain any wax, petroleum or Teflon.

This product is convenient for multi-surface use such as aluminum, leather, chrome, fiberglass, plastic, and so on. Your car surface does not have to be pre-washed before using it, but avoid applying it over the excessive muddy surface because it will be a waste of cleaner.

The best part about this product is it creates a UV filter over the paint, which protects from long term damage. Besides, it also prevents yellowing or clouding the surface.

It is a complete waterless cleanser. You can apply it directly over the car’s surface and wipe off with the microfiber towel. Its microscopic finishing allows repelling all the dust, dirt, grime, fingerprints, and also water.

  • UV filter extends the surface protection
  • Free of hazardous chemicals, wax, petroleum, and Teflon
  • Prevents residue and yellowing
  • Suitable for a different type of surfaces
  • Need a bit scrub for dead bugs
  • Double application for excessive tar marks


8. Wizard Bug Release:

8. Wizard Bug Release

The majority of the users lean toward detail cleaner so that apart from bugs, they can clean grease, tree sap, grime, and dirt. If you are one of them, then Wizard Bug Release is for you.

It is an environmentally friendly non-toxic substance, which means it is safer for your car, hands, and all the surroundings. Besides, it does not contain any chemical, petroleum, caustic soda, bleach, or acid, so be sure that it will not attack the car paint.

You can apply it over different surfaces like rubber, grill, aluminum, chaps, and also leather saddlebag. Spray it directly to neutralize dried bugs and insects. And, then gently wipe off with microfiber mat for cleaning stains.

Moreover, it fast and quick cleaner, which takes only 60 seconds for cleaning dead bugs. If you are about to clean heavy stains, then let it soak for 60 seconds and wipe off with a wet cloth. The best thing is it gives you a smear and residue-free surface.

This product is quite convenient for spot cleaning, and it prevents you from any hard scrubbing. It makes bugs slide for your car so that you can easily wipe off all of them.

This is one of the fast-acting cleaning solutions which help to get rid of both oily and dried stains from different materials.

  • Fast-acting bug and tar remover
  • Safe for all vehicle surfaces
  • Efficiently cleans spot leaving no smear or residue
  • A biodegradable product that is safer for plants
  • Not suitable for hot surfaces
  • A bit runny


9. The Mckee’s 37 Road Kill Bug Scrubber:

If you are investing in different products for your car’s safety and care, then you should take a look at The Mckee’s 37 Road Kill Bug Scrubber. It’s one of the best scrubbers you’ll ever find on the market.

The product is made of extraordinary honeycomb foam that adequately removes bugs and grime without scratching your paint with a single wipe. With that, you can clean all dried and baked bugs, mud, and anything associating stain.

It is very soft that ensures the complete safety of your vehicle surface. Besides, it is highly absorbent, which can soak soapy water with few minutes.

Manufactures used foreign particles to design this scrubber. However, this is not only for the outer look, but it makes sure complete bug and tar removal with no damage or scratch on the paint.

It is effortless to use. You need to saturate the foam about five minutes in water soapy water and gently scrub over stained areas.

You do have to put any pressure while cleaning your vehicle. Gently rub it in a circular motion for the best outcome.

Thus, you can consider it a versatile product because it allows reaching narrow areas very efficiently and cleans them thoroughly.

  • Ensures no scratch on dark paints
  • Versatile design
  • Easily clean bug, grime, dirt or soil
  • Reusable
  • Not useable when the foam is dry
  • Edges are a little bit stiff


10. Duragloss 472 Bug Remover:

10. Duragloss 472 Bug Remover

Painting is one of the main concerns of the car, which often gets ruined because of using inappropriate cleaning agents. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right product even before you use a single drop of them on your car.

Looking into the safest substances, Duragloss 472 Bug Remover can work well on your vehicle. It removes bugs but does not harm the car paint.

This product efficiently cleans bug from several surfaces such as aluminum chrome, metal, fiberglass, painted surface, and glass. Besides, it ensures no damage to the car’s polish and wax. It’s best to clean them as quickly as possible to get rid of widespread bug stains and tree saps. So, if this happens, apply it directly to the spot and wait at least 5 to 7 minutes and wipe it off with a microfiber cloth for a smear-free surface.

This alkaline free substance dissolves the bugs very fast, which makes it ideal for carrying it anywhere. It means you can travel with it if necessary and spray and wipe off the stains instantly.

Overall, it is a budget-friendly cleaning solution that provides several facilities within one gallon.

  • Good at removing bugs
  • Safe for paint and wax
  • Helps to dissolve bugs very quickly
  • An alkaline free cleaning solution
  • Less effective on loosening bugs
  • Requires a good scrub clearing surface

A Definitive Buying Guide


A plethora of options and the endless confusion, a challenge for even the safest buyer. However, if you consider the following factors while looking for the best bug and tar remover, you have no reason to worry!


It’s best to address the elephant in the room right away. And yes, to most people, a significant consideration is the investment.

Spray bottles or cans are comparatively inexpensive; however, they’re not useful for commercial use. One might think that concentrated solutions are expensive, but considering the value, you receive per volume makes up for the cost.

In short, the recommendation is to opt for smaller canned or spray bottled bug removers for personal use and concentrated solution for commercial, bulk use. You can also go for vice-versa, which will not make much of a difference.

Keep Your Paint Intact:

As mentioned earlier, car owners share a special connection with their vehicle, and they don’t want any damage to their precious. Your task is to check the compatibility between the remover’s ingredients and your car’s paint job.

At times, solutions contain powerful abrasives. While these ingredients are necessary for removing the stubborn stains, they might harm your vehicle’s surface.

Check the product description and make sure your automobile’s surface is prepared to take the beating. If not, you risk damaging the paint job and end up losing more money in the process.

Purpose and Intent:

Another significant consideration is to understand what kind of stain you have in order to purchase the correct product. Strolling to the market without knowing what you’re dealing with will only add to your misery.

A little breakdown here can go a long way, have a look:

For bugs:

The best way to deal with pests is to procure enzyme-based solutions. You don’t need highly-concentrated removers because bugs are comparatively minor stains. Also, while breaking down the organic matter, they can preserve the paint job of your car.

For tars:

These stains are more stringent than the former, and removing them requires more power. You should opt for products with potent solvents as they have the kick you need.

For tree saps:

The toughest stain of them all! Tree saps require removers suited explicitly for the purpose. No ordinary simpleton can take care of business here. You can also lookup other users who previously dealt with this problem.

So, once you understand the correct purpose of using the remover, it’ll be easier for you to make an informed choice.

Chemicals in Use:

If you have small kids around, it’s best to avoid removers that contain toxic elements. Some of the products are lethal if anyone consumes them accidentally, so exercise safety to avoid any unpleasant situation.

However, stronger chemicals are mandatory for removing stubborn stains. Therefore, you may not have the luxury of choosing a friendly remover if your car surface has tree saps or tar stains.


Most bug and tar removers are effortless to use. Notably, canned and bottled solutions are the most straightforward. The technique is child’s play; spray, wait, scrub!

On the other hand, using a concentrated solution is challenging because they need proper dilution. However, the extra work you put in is rewarding because you get more volume.

The type of remover you prefer is (at the end of the day) a personal choice. For cheap and user-friendliness, go for bottled or canned products. Conversely, concentrated formulas give more volume and increased coverage.


A Step by Step Guide to Removing Bug and Tar from your Car

 Once you acquire the appropriate remover for your vehicle, the rest is elementary. In a few simple steps, you’ll find your car shining anew. Let’s have a look:

  • Gather all the necessary items first. Besides having the remover, you’ll require a sponge, cloth, or microfiber towel to scrub the stain off
  • Identify the stained area and apply the formula
  • Wait for the ingredients to sink-in (30 seconds to 5 minutes). Read the instructions to know how much time the solution needs
  • After the designated time, use a microfiber cloth or sponge to wipe away the stain
  • Repeat until you reach the spotless surface stage.
  • Apply water to rinse the car and enjoy


Benefits of using a bug and tar remover:

By now, you understand the obvious benefits of using this solution. Well, we’re going to discuss the peripheral benefits, which also can make your life more comfortable.

Increases Safety:

For people living in a hot climate, bugs are a constant nuisance. The splatter of bugs on your windshield can affect your visibility; thus, compromising safety. So, using a remover improves visibility and ensures secure driving.

Protect the Precious Paintjob:

Baked bugs are tough cookies, and require dissolving before safe removal. Some of the insect variants contain harmful chemicals (acids) that can pose a significant threat to your pristine paint job.

Moreover, excessive scrubbing to remove stains can put nasty scratch marks on the surface. One innocuous scratch would mean redoing the entire paint job, which can set you aback couple thousand bucks.

Therefore, the safest option is to use the proper bug and tar remover.


Your relentless scrubbing might not get you too far if the stain is deep-rooted. You’ll waste time and painfully observe that you’re only halfway done!

So, instead of wasting your precious holiday, scrupulously scrubbing away, use a remover to make your life more comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Do bug and tar removers damage paint?
Well, it depends. You should know if your car’s paint job is compatible with the chemicals of the remover.

For instance, thin paint is susceptible to damage if you’re using a product with abrasive chemicals. Understanding and purchasing the appropriate remover can help you safely remove stains while maintaining your car’s pristine look.

Furthermore, premium quality products offer excellent versatility and work on a wide range of car surface. Remember to strictly adhere to the instructions posted on the product’s manual to avoid any unpleasantries.

Knowing the compatibility and following instructions will ensure your paint’s safety.

Q. Is WD-40 safe for cars?
We wouldn’t recommend using WD-40. While it does remover tar, it’s not soluble and difficult to remove through water rinsing. Despite its versatility, the risks are higher, and no one wants to put their beloved car in danger.

There are other removers in the marketplace that can operate gently and effectively.

Q. What is the difference between a tar stain and a bug stain?
Taking a long drive in a warm climate can result in a massive splattering of wild bugs in your car’s body. These small buggers are nearly invisible while driving, and once their dead on your vehicle’s surface, create a stain.

On the other hand, tar is a flammable liquid (thick and dark). It’s the result of distilled wood or coal. It consists of several components (alcohol, resin).

Mostly used in road construction, your car can pick up tar stains as they fling up from the tire while you’re driving through the country roads.

Q. Can scrubbing only remove bug and tar stains?
It depends on the stain you have on your paint. Minor stains (a small splash of dirt water) is easily removable by simply scrubbing. However, major stains (tars and baked bugs) are on a different level altogether.

You can still try your luck and keep scrubbing for hours. However, chances are you’ll end up ruining your paint job or put a scratch mark. The most comfortable and pragmatic solution is to get a bug and tar remover for such a task.

Closing thoughts:

No one wants a stubborn little stain hanging around ruining the beauty of their precious car. While the barrage of bugs and tars on your vehicle is inevitable, you can choose to remove them effortlessly with the right equipment.

We hope our best bug and tar remover review was informative and helpful. You can find all the details you need to make a smart buyer’s choice.

If you’re willing to invest, our recommendation is the Bug N All Multi-Surface Vehicle Cleaner. It’s a versatile product and worth the money!

For those tight on budget, we suggest using the Seafoam BBG1 Cleaner. Although it doesn’t have the former remover’s kick, it’s still an incredible product considering the price!

We wish you happy shopping!

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