20 Safe Driving Tips You Should Follow

Having steering at hand makes anyone feel invincible to the very core. But we should keep in mind that when we’re steering an automobile, our safety, and other people’s safety is at our hands. So, safe driving tips should never be boring.

They might seem boring but are very important if you want to keep you, the passengers and even other drivers out of harm’s way. So, here are 20 safe driving tips you should follow to keep yourself and others safe while you’re driving your car.

Safe Driving Tips

Your safety is your responsibility. Follow below 20 safe driving tips while driving a car to avoid an accident. Because safe driving is your top priority.

1. Cautious On Point

Being cautious is every driver should be at first while driving a car. You don’t want to refrain from having all the attention on the road. So, being cautious on point is what you need while you’re driving your vehicle.

Safe Driving Tips 1

2. Don’t Rely On Other Drivers Skills

We often think that other drivers will understand and make the same calculations that we make while driving. So, we tend to take risky overtakes and turns relying on their judgment.

But that is not ideal. The other driver might not be as skillful as yourself. So, avoid taking risks on the streets.

3. Don’t Turn Without Signals

This is a very common mistake that many drivers make when they are driving. Though the body language of your car might say that you’re about to make a turn to either side, don’t expect others to follow your body language when they are concentrating on the road keeping themselves safe. So, always use turn signals while driving the car. This keeps you safe from unwanted collisions. These accidents may not harm you but will damage your car and make you spend money on body repairs.

4. Always Wear Seatbelts

No matter how uncomfortable you feel wearing a seatbelt or your front seat passenger feels. Always wear and encourage others to wear seatbelts.

Research has shown that people have reverted from self-injury even if the car flipped due to wearing seatbelts. So, it doesn’t matter what you’re going a block or 10 miles, always wear seatbelts to keep safe from the unwanted accidents.

5. Never Break Traffic Rules

Though police officers are always on the road to charge you if you break any rules, still, people with cash and hurry tend to break rules very often. Don’t follow their examples. Just maintain all the traffic rules as they are imposed for your own good.

6. Don’t Backseat Drive

If you see someone driving a car not well enough, always remember he or she is nervous. It is nervousness that is making them uncomfortable to drive.

At that moment if you start backseat driving and provide suggestions on how they should drive or scold them, it’ll make them feel more nervous and thus cause an accident. So, never backseat drive. Just let them do their thing and if possible, encourage them not to be nervous.

7. Don’t Use Your Phone While Driving

It’s obligatory for us to take important calls or send important text messages anytime. But not while you’re driving. This hampers your attention and it is actually one of the biggest reasons for accidents all over the world.

So, never text or take calls while driving. If you feel the urgency to use your phone, simply park at the side of the road and use it.

8. Don’t Drive Over Or Under The Speed Limits

There are speed limits on the road to show you the optimal speed to drive. It’s mentioned because over-speeding might be the cause for you to get off the road and injure yourself and others. In steep turns, over-speeding can cause fatality.

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9. Understand The Road Signs

We think that knowing how to steer, accelerate and brake can make a person a driver. But there are many types of signs that are present on the road to keep you safe from unwanted injuries.

That’s why, before driving a car, try to learn all the road signs.

10. Be Patient, Let Others Pass

Most drivers are always in a hurry to cut back before you. This creates unnecessary traffic jams and sometimes causes accidents to happen.

When you’re scrambling, you can’t expect others to let you pass because they might have the same feeling as yourself. So, have patience. Don’t rush on the road.

11. Be Reliable

Don’t be confused on the road. Your confusion might be the reason for other’s danger. If you take sudden turns while driving it’ll break the attention of other drivers and cause accidents.

So, be reliable on the road. Let others rely on your judgments and don’t make rash decisions.

12. Memorize The Roads Before The Journey

Don’t go off to places before knowing where you’re actually going. Learn all the roads. Not knowing might cause you to take sudden turns on the road and harm everyone.

It’s easy now with navigation and also Google maps. You can just put in the coordinates and your phone will tell you what to do.

13. Don’t Overtake With Risk

Never overtake with risks of having collisions. Always be patient while driving. You’ll reach the place 2-3 minutes early if nothing happens. But if anything does happen, you’ll be harming yourself and others.

14. Don’t Overtake In Blind Spots

There are some turns in the roads where you can’t see if another vehicle is incoming or not. Those are the blind spots. Never overtake in blind spots. Most head to head collisions happens due to blind spot overtaking.

15. Use Headlights As Signals

Headlights are often used as communicating signals between drivers when they are head-on. Learn how to use them properly and use them when it’s necessary.

16. Provide Side To Emergency Vehicles

Police, firefighters, and ambulances are emergency vehicles. Make way for them as they might be heading to serve someone who’s in need. Also, there are some vehicles who have emergency lights and signals. Let them pass as well.

17. Inspect The Vehicle Before A Long Journey

Before long journeys, do check if the engine is doing okay or not. And do check the tires if they need to be changed or pumped.

18. Have Enough Fuel Before The Next Fuel Pump

Not fueling up thinking there might be another one up ahead is a common mistake. But you may not find one up ahead for miles. So, if you’re running low on fuel, fuel up at the next station you see.

Nobody will come to rescue you if you’re stuck in the middle of the road.

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19. Regular Maintenance Of The Vehicle

This is a prerequisite for driving a car. Maintain your vehicle on a regular basis. There’s a schedule followed by drivers all over the world. Follow that schedule to keep your car in the right shape to drive.

20. Be Aware Of Stopped Vehicles

When we see a stopped vehicle we tend to calculate if we can pass them with our current speed or not. What we don’t keep in mind is that the car might just get back on the road in a second. So, always slow down when you see a stopped vehicle. Don’t calculate if you can pass or not.

This will ensure safety. Hitting a stopped vehicle at speed can cause fatality. So, remember to slow down when you see a stopped car.

Final Word

These are the necessary measure that you have to take while you’re on the road. If you follow these safe driving tips, you’re sure to stay safe and keep people safe as well.

And one piece of advice. The most common rule we break is speeding. Never speed too much while driving a car. It is not safe for yourself and not for anyone else. Also, try to keep your car windshield scratch-free to get a better road view.

So, have patience and drive safely. Because safety is the number one issue that one has to maintain while driving a vehicle on the road.

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